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One-Day Bicycle Trips

Prague is by far the most visited city of the Czech Republic.

Our one-day tours are designed for those of you who enjoy active holidays and who want to learn more about the real life of our country in an unusual way from a bicycle saddle in Prague or its surroundings.

The AVE minibus will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. We will lend you a high-quality bike and a helmet and you will take off to some of the castles or other places of interest in the vicinity of Prague.

You can join our regular one-day guided bicycle trip from Prague to Karlštejn Castle or just rent a bike and cycle to recommended sight alone or with your friends without a guide.

If you would like to spend more days on your trip to Prague on bikes, we will lend you bikes and design a special programme that will suit your needs.

Self-guided trips from Prague are designed for sport physically fit tourists who are staying several days in a Prague hotel and enjoy cycling independently.

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