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Grade of difficulty

The difficulty of a tour depends a lot on its length, on how much climbing it includes, the surface of the route and a number of other conditions. The grades indicated with each trip allow you to compare the trips and give you an idea of what to expect. Please, keep in mind that your individual overall physical fitness has the largest impact on how tired you may feel on a trip.

A - Easy

Designed to be enjoyable for less experienced cyclists. You only need to be fit enough to manage the distance and some mild up-hills, which may occur on the way. You do not need to be an experienced cyclist. However, you should be physically fit and enjoy sport activities.

B - Moderate
If you bike at least occasionally and if you practice some sport on a regular basis, this will make the perfect trip for you.

C - Strenuous
Designed for cyclists who are used to longer distances and who ride regularly. To be in good shape for the trip, you should ideally practice some more intense sport about three times a week.

D - Demanding
Recommended for those who can manage longer distances and tougher terrain (including off-road). You should be both very fit and an experienced rider. Vehicle support may be limited.

You will cycle on narrow, paved, country roads for the most part of all tours. What makes these local roads connecting village communities ideal for biking is that they are virtually traffic-free. You will also be using bike trails with very good firm surfaces. Since all tours include shorter distances on unpaved, yet firm surface trails, both mountain and trekking bikes are suitable for AVE tours.

The distance ridden in a day is an average of 50 km (32 miles) on most tours. This distance leaves enough time both for exploring the remarkable places on the way and for relaxing. A support vehicle is available during all Guided Group Tour. Therefore, you can always choose to make your trip shorter on any day. At the same time, there are many alternative longer routes that keen cyclists who want to cycle for a longer distance can take.

Recommended multi-day tours

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