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St. Nicholas church in ZnojmoZnojmo, one of the most significant towns on the Czech-Austrian border, is found on the rocky headland above the Dyje River in an area, where the river leaves deep valleys with forests and begins its journey through the lowlands. In 1226 Premyslid Otakar I promoted it to a town and soon the town blossomed. It was surrounded by a fortification wall, from which the larger part is still preserved. 

After a devastating fire the whole town was reconstructed in Renaissance style, and was declared to be an urban preservation zone. It boasts a number of significant historic sights – e.g. the Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St. Catherine, reminding us of the oldest Czech state, and according to experts it is the 2nd most significant monument in the country after Prague Castle. Perhaps the most famous building is the Town Hall Tower, offering a view over entire Znojmo, with the dominant church of St. Nicholas, patron of Znojmo. Znojmo is famous thanks to its accessible underground, connected with many legends. To get familiar with the history of the royal town Znojmo would take a lot of time, but even a short stroll will reveal some of the thousand-year long history of this South-Moravian jewel. 

Whoever visited the Znojmo Region, will always happily come back. No wonder, this region by the Czech-Austrian border has something for everybody: 

Untouched nature

Visit of the Podyjí National Park and its Austrian counterpart Thayatal with the Dyje Border River, cutting into the deep valley and creating unique scenery. Is highly recommended. 

Historic monuments

Chateaux Vranov, Jevišovice, Uherčice, Bítov Castle, castle ruins of Nový Hrádek, Cornštejn and others, historic town of Znojmo with the rotunda of St. Catherine, Town Hall Tower and St. Nicholas church won’t disappoint anyone and create the list of the most interesting points of historical heritage of the region. 


The local wine-growing region is especially famous for white wines, enticing for a visit the wine cellars and the most picturesque vineyard Šobes, where can be tasted wine from grapes grown on the surrounding slopes and terraces. The strolls through the wine cellar streets in Šatov, Hnanice, Nový Šaldorf and other wine-growing villages will certainly enchant you.

You can visit Znojmo on the following tours:


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