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Beroun District

The district of Beroun is in the Southwest part of Central Bohemia near to Prague. Beroun is on the motorway and main line railway track linking Prague and Plzen. The region is a particularly beautiful one with varied landscape formed by the river Berounka and can boast of the prestigious Karlstejn golf course. 

Not far from Prague, this is one of the most attractive districts for tourists. It is easily accessible by both road and rail, on the main route leading from Prague to Plzen. It is a district of rugged hills and deep forests. To the north it is hemmed in by the Krivoklat castle and Zbiroh highlands, to the south by the Brdy and Hreben ranges. The nature conservation areas of Krivoklat and the Bohemian Karst with Koneprusy Caves stretch into the district. This is a region that can satisfy every visitor, whether they are interested in nature, historic monuments, hiking, cycling, fishing or even hunting. 

The entire region has a rich history that is documented by many architectural sites that are among the most sought out by tourists in Bohemia. Karlstejn castle, which has the greatest drawing power, is one of the very greatest specimens of Gothic architecture. This castle was established by Charles IV. in 1348 for the protection of the of the royal crown jewels, and its construction was directed by Matyas of Arras. The Krivoklat castle, which was an important seat of Czech lords in the 11th century, is no less attractive. It is an architectural pearl of late Gothic construction. Other examples of Gothic art can be seen in an exhibit in the hall of knights and kings. The Tocnik castle, which can be seen from afar, was built by Vaclav IV. at the end of the 14th century. It attracts tourists because of its sensitive reconstruction, which makes it possible to view a royal and burgrave palace, including original interiors, a black kitchen, stables, a forge, a moat occupied by bears, etc. Not far from Tocnik, the Zebrak castle draws interest through its enormous cylindrical tower. This castle was built at the end of the 13th century, originally intended as a family seat for the house of Buzic, but it later became a royal castle. Ruins of medieval castles can also be found in Valdek, Tyrov, and a famous settlement for knights in Tetin. Other famous regional sights include a Benedictine monastery in Svaty Jan pod Skalou, which was built in the middle of the 11th century in the canyon of the stream Kacak beneath towering travertine cave-filled cliffs. In the western section of the Beroun region, we can see a reconstructed Baroque chateau in Horovice, and other Baroque chateaus can be found in Osov and Liten.

With regard to the many natural and historical points of interest in this relatively small area, this fascinating region can be chosen for orientational excursions. 

Beroun District

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