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Following our extensive experience of previous years, we have designed six programmes for multi-day tours and four one-day trips outside Prague.

Tours differ in:

  • the planned route – the variety of places of interest that you cycle through
  • the length of the tour – the majority of tours take 8 days, one tour at a leisurely pace lasts 14 days
  • the number of cycling days – the remaining days are dedicated to sightseeing
  • the level of difficulty and planned length of cycling, in total and by day
  • the dates of the scheduled tours

In the descriptions of the individual tours, you will find general information, the standard tour programmes, location on the map of the Czech Republic, tour profile, photo gallery, what is and what is not included in the tour price and other information.

For every week of the bike season, beginning on May 5 and ending on October 13, we have planned at least one guided tour. You can travel the route on a Guided group tour, or you can travel individually by yourselves on a Self-guided tour.

If you would like to go on one or more of the trips with a guide at a time different to that indicated in Cycling Tours Schedule, you can order any tour for a group of four or more persons on dates of your choice.

You can order your Self-guided tour to begin on any day from April 1 to October 31.

We wish you good luck in choosing the right tour for you and have an enjoyable trip!

If you are not sure which tour to order, Send us an e-mail and we will gladly help you with your choice.

“An excellent trip. Very well organised. Beautiful scenery and impressive ‘fairy tale’ villages.”
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More information about bike tours:

  • Prague – Vienna, Greenways Trail – 8-day tour, moderate six day ride with a balance of cycling and sightseeing from Prague to Vienna – the two most beautiful capitals of central Europe.
  • Bohemian UNESCO Heritage – Beautiful small towns, chateaux and hundreds of ponds and lakes in South Bohemia and Prague.
  • Prague – Dresden – Crossing the borders: an easy tour from Dresden to Prague by bike along the beautiful valleys of the two largest rivers in the Czech Republic.
  • Along the Vltava River from Cesky Krumlov to Prague – 8-day tour riding along the riverbanks, visiting castles in Cesky Krumlov, Hluboka, Zvikov and Pribram.
  • Cycling Tours Schedule – Calendar list of scheduled fully guided, guide-led and self-led cycle tours in 2008. Includes basic prices.
  • Request a Tour – Booking form for our cycling tours.