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How to Book a Tour

  1. Clients fill in their requirements for themselves and for those accompanying them on a tour by completing the Request Form on the AVE web site.
  2. Within 2 working days AVE will send the Client a pre-filled Travel Contract including a relevant proposal for complementary services.*)
  3. Upon receipt of the Travel Contract, the Client can make all necessary travel arrangements, and buy air tickets according to the date of the tour and the options stated in the offer and Travel Contract. The Client completes the pre-filled Travel Contract and sends the Travel Contract to AVE according to the options and instructions stated in the Travel Contract.
  4. Upon receipt of the Travel Contract and the relevant deposit paid (usually by credit card), AVE will send the Client confirmation of receipt of the deposit and detailed information relating to the tour, including all information important to the Client, as well as instructions on joining the tour.
  5. The full additional payment is to be made 30 days prior to the start day of the tour.
  6. On the start day of the tour, the Client obtains an updated Programme of the tour from AVE that clarifies all services included in the tour and other tour-related material. However, if the additional advance payment has not been made, the Client has to make this payment before starting the tour.

If you have any further questions, feel free to use our Contact form.

To book a tour, please continue to the Request form

*) Most of our group tours require a certain number of bookings in order to take place.

If the minimum number of participants for Guided Group tours is not reached yet, AVE will send the Client a notice, that the Client’s requirement was registered and the Travel Contract will be sent to him/her as soon as the required number of travellers is reached.

In the unlikely event that a tour does not reach the minimum number of participants, we may be forced to cancel this tour. We usually run several bicycle tours simultaneously, so that we can offer you a substitution for the cancelled tour. Therefore, we recommend that you do not make any non-refundable and fixed travel arrangements until you have received the Travel Contract from us.


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