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One-Day Bicycle Trips from Prague

BikersPrague is by far the most visited city of the Czech Republic.

Our one-day tours are designed for those of you who enjoy active holidays and who want to learn more about the real life of our country in an unusual way from a bicycle saddle in Prague or its surroundings.

The AVE minibus will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. We will lend you a high-quality bike and a helmet and you will take off to some of the castles or other places of interest in the vicinity of Prague.

AVE runs these regular one-day guided bicycle trips:

  1. Bicycle Tour to Karlstejn Castle (daily from 1st April to 31st October, except Mondays)
  2. Grand Bicycle Tour of Prague (every Saturday and Sunday from 1st April to 31st October)

AVE also offers several one-day Self-Guided trips to Prague’s surroundings. If you are staying in Prague and would like to take part in these tours, we recommend you initially take a one-day Guided group tour to Karsltejn Castle during which you will learn how to read cycling signs and get used to “your” bicycle. Then you will just keep the bike for the days you would like to complete one or more self-guided tours.

If you would like to spend more days of your trip to Prague on bikes, we will lend you bikes and design a special programme that will suit your needs.

Self guided trips from Prague are designed for sport physically fit tourists who are staying several days in a Prague hotel and enjoy cycling independently.

We have designed several one-day trips for such independent bikers and four of these trips are presented on this website.

As well as bicycles and bike helmets, each couple receives a basic repair kit. It is important that at least one person in the group has a certain level of mechanical ability in case of technical problems such as a flat tyre. The ability to read and orientate maps is also important. Besides a map we provide you with a GPS console and basic training in the use of the GPS (Global Position System).

We strongly recommend you take a guided one-day trip early in your trip to Prague. During this first trip you will receive a welcome briefing, all necessary materials, bicycle, helmet and knowledge and experience in using the GPS. This gives you the opportunity to get used to your bike. After the first day guided trip you then return to your hotel on your bike. The next day you don’t have to wait for a pick-up from the hotel and you can begin your ride at any time up to you and follow the pre-recorded routes in your GPS console.

On the last day you return the bike and all materials you have rented to the AVE travel garage at Prague 5 Pod Barvirkou 5.

The advantage of these self-led trips is: lower price, many more possible adventures and starting on the days and times of your choice

The AVE hot-line assistance service ensures immediate help in solving problems that may occur during your trip.

The size of the group is not limited. Even one person can order one or more One-day Bicycle trips from Prague.

The usual season for trips is from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Once you have bought your air tickets to and from Prague, we will adapt your tour to the times of landing and departure. We recommend coming one or two days before the start day of the tour to become acclimatised in Central Europe and acquainted with Prague and the Czech Republic.

We are also able to propose Self-Guided tailor-made trips from Prague based on your desired destinations and grade of difficulty.

If you would like to spend your free time in Prague on a bike on your own and you know the name of the AVE travel trip or tour or if you know the places you want to visit, just fill in the Request Form and in your e-mail tell us as much as possible about your requirements for your tour.

You can also Send us an e-mail and tell us your ideas for your desired tour, ask us for more information or for help with your programme.

One Day

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