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Types of Bicycle Tours

PragueBefore you choose one of our bike tours, please consider which type would suit you best.

Range of tours based on guide involvement

On a Guided Group Tour you will have the most comfort in terms of organization, guide service and assistance on your way. These tours are led by bilingual tour leaders who cycle with the group and are backed up by a supporting vehicle at all times.

On a Self-Guided Tour couples or small groups of bikers ride by themselves according to the itinerary and map they are given. In addition, you will be given a GPS set attached at your handlebars. The recorded route in the GPS allows an easy self-navigated way to the planned destination. Your luggage is transported to the next place of accommodation every day.

Range of tours based on grade of difficulty.

Refer to the Grade of Difficulty stated in each tour description. Choose between Easy, Moderate, Strenuous or Demanding tours depending on your physical ability and cycling skills and experience. Remember that even on a Strenuous Tour you can always change to an easier ride during a Guided Tour by shortening the daily programme and taking advantage of the support vehicle.

Range of tours based on length

The majority of our tours are one-week tours over eight days seven nights with six biking days. We also offer a two-week leisure tour for those who want to dedicate more time to their holiday and prefer a more relaxed biking programme enriched by more time for sightseeing and relaxation. One-day trips are designed for those who want to make their stay in Prague more enjoyable and turn one or more days into active relaxation.

Excerpted or non-scheduled tours

Each of the bike tours has one or more excerpted terms for individuals and small groups who would like to book a Guided Group Tour. If you are a group of 4 and more persons, you can also order a guided group tour designed specifically for your group at a time of your choosing.

If you would like to choose the option of a Self-Guided Tour, you can start your tour at any time from the beginning of April until the end of October. The minimum number of persons is stated in the General Information for each tour.

Tailor-Made Tours can be designed to suit your own plans. You may wish to visit certain towns or other sites, and the number of days is not limited. You can ride with your luggage in panniers on your bicycle or have it delivered to the next hotel or even take advantage of a support vehicle and guide.

Many couples have enjoyed the one-day Grand Bicycle Tour of Prague and after this tour have continued with several one-day Self-Guided tours in the surrounding area of Prague.

Types of Bicycle Tours

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