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Read before you travel

Suppopert vehicle


Visas are not required for citizens of EU countries, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Borneo, Guatemala, Chile, Croatia, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Switzerland, Uruguay, the USA, the Vatican or Venezuela.

Citizens of all other countries must apply for a tourist visa.

Health Insurance

All participants in tours must be insured against injury or health problems during their tour. In the event of the necessity for medical treatment during your temporary stay in the CR, visitors with E111, the Provisional Certificate or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may seek the help of a doctor, a dentist or hospital services if in possession of one of these documents.

Cycle Helmet

Bicycle helmets are compulsory for children under 15 years of age under Czech law. Helmets are strongly recommended for all AVE bicycle tours. However, helmets are compulsory for all guided bicycle tours organized by AVE Travel. AVE Travel lends helmets free of charge. Please remember that helmets dramatically reduce head injuries.

Cycle Clothing

Cycle gloves, cycle shorts, or sunglasses are not compulsory. However, we highly recommend that you equip yourself with them before the tour begins. You can cycle in specialist cycling shoes or appropriate trainers (sneakers). In April and October, temperatures can drop to 10°C (50 °F). Therefore, we highly recommend bringing warm clothing with you during these two months.


The safety of our clients during a bike trip is of paramount importance! Every guided tour begins with practical biking safety training in order to decrease the risks of injury as much as possible.

Our qualified tour leaders are fully trained in first-aid treatment. Furthermore, Guided Group tours are backed up by a support vehicle in case of a technical or medical emergency.

Bicycle helmets are compulsory for each participant of AVE guided group bike tours. If you do not have one, we can lend one to you free of charge. If you do borrow a helmet, this will be noted in your Travel Contract.

Getting Lost

Every member of the tour receives a written programme of the tour with the addresses and contact details of all hotels, telephones numbers of AVE representatives, maps of the area with the marked bike routes and emergency telephone numbers in case one should get lost. In addition, Self-Guided Tours receive a GPS set with recorded routes for each day (one GPS for a couple or a group riding together).

Practical Bike Training

Each participant in a tour receives practical bike-riding training. You will be given theoretical explanations and instructions at the first evening meeting of the group, usually after the first dinner. Based on these instructions, the rented bikes will be adjusted to your individual body dimensions and carefully re-checked. All of the functions of the mountain bikes will be tested thoroughly. Cycle training focuses particularly on the use of brakes, gears, down and uphill riding, riding in challenging terrain etc.

We would be very grateful if you could read the Bicycle Handbook before participating in your tour in order to learn more about safe bicycle riding and to prevent damage to you or your bike.

Problem Solving on Self-Guided Tours

If you prefer to choose a more adventurous holiday and purchase a Self-Guided tour, potential problem solving will be up to you. You must be confident that you or those in your group will be able to deal with the minor technical and health problems that may occur.

You may lose the track, have a mechanical problem with your bike, need to overcome inclement weather conditions or experience health problems. We strive to avoid all possible problems you may encounter. You receive a GPS set, a detailed itinerary of the bike route and maps. Our bikes are in perfectly maintained condition and are equipped with a spare inner tube and tools for straightforward repairs. There are always many villages on all routes with a pub, where you can survive the rain. There is always someone in every village that can help you in case of problems. Younger Czechs usually speak more or less English, whilst older people often speak German.

If you do not feel well in the morning, you can ask for a lift to the next hotel along with your luggage. However, this option is usually not available for all group members at the same time.

Should you experience any health problems or are injured on the route you can always use the mobile phone to call the emergency service, the AVE hot line, or your next hotel reception, and ask for help. We recommend you take your mobile phone with you or rent one from AVE. All phones are checked and tested to ensure that contact can be maintained throughout your tour.

AVE Bicycle Tour Leaders

Each tour from our extensive range will take you to some of the most beautiful sites of the Czech Republic, all with a fascinating history. Your tour leader will share their well-informed knowledge of their amazing past with you! What is more, he or she will make sure that you take advantage of all the unique chances a bike trip offers and see what is off the beaten track to regular tourists. Your tour leader will ensure your trip is interesting and informative, but above all safe and trouble-free.

All our tour leaders are fully trained in cycle maintenance, have great organisational skills and have passed a rigorous medical course. They all hold the sporting tour licence, as required by Czech law.

Our leaders are all Czech but speak fluent English and some speak other languages. For groups from one nation, we can arrange appropriate guides (for example, Italian, French, German speakers).

Our tour leaders are well acquainted with the tour routes, and the hotels, restaurants and rest points along the route. All are equipped with GPS sets and maps and can change the planned route if conditions require the shortening or prolonging of the daily route.

Tour Leader Services

Every group is allocated one or two AVE bicycle tour leaders. They ride with and look after the group during the daily programme. They all have mobile phones to communicate with each other, the support vehicle and with group members who brought their own mobile phones and, of course, with AVE headquarters. The leaders will introduce you to the interesting points of the tour, give you basic information about places of tourist interest, and translate castle guides, when needed. They will ensure you eat and drink in suitable restaurants and pubs on the route, pay the bills and arrange all necessary communication. Tour leaders also provide first aid on the route, and carry out maintenance on the bikes for the participants.

Support Vehicle

The support vehicle is used on Guided Group tours only.

The support van or bus considerably increases the comfort of your tour. Its principal functions are:

  • To be used when people want to shorten their trip or avoid a difficult section of their route.
  • To take you past more challenging or less attractive sections of the route.
  • To provide assistance in case of health complications.
  • To offer a back-up in case of technical difficulties.
  • To carry drinks and refreshments.
  • To carry your luggage.

In some “wild” or forbidden parts of the route the support vehicle cannot follow the group. At these times, the driver is in touch with the group by mobile telephone and is ready to help in emergency cases.



All hotels are carefully checked and reviewed, and located in ideal places for the tour programme.

Cat "B" - Standard Class hotels (three-star hotels and B&B) – all with private bathroom, SAT TV, and telephones in each room. We normally accommodate clients in double or twin rooms. On request, you can be accommodated in a triple room for a reduced price or in a single room (with a single supplement).

Cat "A" - Premium hotels (four-star hotels and best B&B) - you can ask for premium hotels (4*-5*) on most popular routes. For example hotel Stekl in Hluboka nad Vltavou

Accommodation in Prague - we use 4* hotels as a standard.


Services Before and After the Tour

You will need to arrange transportation to and from Prague on your own behalf.

We recommend that you book one or two nights in Prague before the tour, especially for participants from widely different time zones, for acclimatization. We also recommend a stay in your final destination (Prague or Vienna) after the tour, so that you can relax and take full advantage of the city.

Get 10% discount for pre-tour accommodation in Prague - choose your own hotel  on www.avehotels.cz and send request at bike@avetravel.cz

It goes without saying that all accommodation services, transportation and other tourist services upon your arrival to Prague before the tour, as well as services after the end of the tour, before your departure from Prague or Vienna will be provided to you by AVE upon your request. (See Request Form)

These services are managed individually for each tour member, so that each tour is “tailor-made” to each participant’s requirements and the dates of his or her air ticket.

After a one-week tour you can also order a private guided tour of Prague, a one-day bicycle trip to Karlštejn Castle or another 8-day bicycle tour, since a new tour begins every Monday.

Please check What’s included in your tour price to be sure that all your required services have been ordered.


Read before you travel

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