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AVE Bicycles 

Our bikes are equipped according to Czech regulations and the requirements of the tour. All bikes are fully maintained and in guaranteed condition.

Bicycle Models - You can choose from Crossing/Trekking or Cross Road bikesWe have also one tandem bike.

We rent bikes with at least 21 gears, efficient front and rear brakes, equipped rear light and all necessary equipment required by Czech road law. All bicycles contain Shimano components, suspended fork and a rear rack for panniers to store your spare clothes, camera and other equipment. For self guided tours and trips, we equip bikes with spare tire tube, pump and necessary tools to change a tube and for other minor repairs.

Bike Rental includes - helmet, handlebar bag, lock and repair kit per group (pump, spare tube, tools). Rear pannier is provided on request.

E-bike - a bicycle with an electrical engine. E-bikes have to be booked at last two working days in advance.  

We need your credit card details as a guaranty for a bike and equipment.




Leader Fox Point

Leader Fox - Sumava Lady
 Crossing/Trekking - Leader Fox Point 2011
Crossing/Trekking - Leader Fox Sumava Lady

Cross Road Bike
Cross Road - Specialized
Tandem Bike
Tandem Bike

Renting a bicycle for an AVE bike tour

Bike rental includes bike, helmet, lock, pannier. The leader of the group has also handle-bar bag with map, repair kit (pump, spare tube, tools). Renting is always followed by a pick-up from the hotel or airport and with a welcome briefing. We adapt rented bikes to the rider's body dimensions and provide basic instruction.

For Self-guided tours ending in Prague, bikes will be collected at your hotel. 

For Self-guided tours ending outside Prague, bikes are returned to the driver who transfers you into the last hotel or bikes are collected at your hotel (Prague to Dresden route).

If you are used to your own personal saddle or pedals, you can bring them with you. We will mount them on the AVE bicycle for you and return them after the tour.


Handle - bar bag Top Rear Pannier
Handle-bar bag Top pannier
100% Waterproof pannier Side pannier
Helmet Helmet
Helmet Side pannier

Private Bikes

Entrainment of clients'bikes is possible but on customers risk. The tour operator does not take responsibility for any defects and damages on your own bikes during the whole cycle-tour as well as during any transport-journey. 

Bicycles / Manuals

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