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TrebonThe town of Trebon lies in the heart of the Trebon basin, an extensive area of southeastern Bohemia of about 700 km2. This rolling countryside, with its thick forests and innumerable ponds and lakes, forms a special environment of its own. Since colonization of this area began in the 12th century, the local inhabitants have gradually shaped the countryside to their own needs, with optimum placement of villages and an enormous system of water regulation. The building of artificial creeks and ponds, spread out over several periods, has given the Třeboň area a unique form, for which it has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Třeboň also has a rich history, visible in the form of numerous architectural and cultural monuments. The beautiful old town of Třeboň itself is rare in its degree of preservation, and enjoys the status of an Urban Monument Preserve.

Trebon Chateau (Jindrichuv Hradec district), an early 16th century chateau that resulted from a reconstruction of a Gothic castle belonging to the House of Vitek. The chateau construction was significantly influenced by Vilém of Rozmbrek and later by his brother Petr Vok who made Trebon his permanent residence after he had sold Cesky Krumlov in 1602. He transferred the valuable family library together with the archives from Krumlov to Trebon. The subsequent owners, especially the Schwarzenbergs carried out Baroque adaptations.

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