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Sv. Hora in PribramPribram lies approximately 60 km from Prague in a valley between Svata Hora (Saint Mountain) and Brezove Hory (Birch Mountains). The history of Pribram dates back to the 12th century. Pribram ranks among the famous historical royal towns. Since the 14th century Pribram was developing as a centre of silver and non-ferrous metals mining. There are a few historical sights - a castle, the Gothic Church of St. Jacob with Baroque interior and a Mining Museum in the local mine area. The main attraction became the Saint Mountain which is the most important and oldest pilgrim's place in the Czech Republic. On the Saint Mountain there is a pilgrim's Church of Virgin Mary from the 16th - 17th century which is considered a jewel of Czech early Baroque and it was the most frequent pilgrims´ place in Bohemia since the 17th century. In the present time Pribram is not a mining town, however, it still remains a place where not only Czech pilgrims gather.


Sv. Hora

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