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MikulovTowering over the town is the castle, a sprawling structure that's been reconstructed several times over the centuries, and again in this one. Originally constructed in the 13th century, it was reconstructed as a Renaissance structure in the 17th century, and then, after a fire in 1719, as a Baroque castle. During the Second World War, the castle was used by the Gestapo to store some of their pilfered pieces of art, and they blew it apart as the war drew to a close. The castle was then rebuilt for the last time in the 1950's and houses the town's museum and an art gallery.

Originally a Gothic castle built in the middle of the 13th century, rebuilt first into a Renaissance chateau and later, in 1719, a Baroque chateau. An exhibition devoted to wine growing production. The chateau cellar with a giant barrel. An exhibition devoted to the countryside near Palava. Sight-seeing tours can be booked with the chateau's administration. The town is dominated by its chateau, which has seen the great and powerful: Emperess Maria Theresia, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Otto von Bismarck. In its day the chateau was a seat of the Bishop of Olomomouc, Cardinal Franz von Dietrichstein, when Mikulov was the de facto capital of Moravia. Today the region museum in the chateau houses a rich collection of historical objects. And other beautiful historic building, leading up to the Holy Hill and the Stations of the Cross surrounds the chateau.

The massive walls of the castle hold many secrets, among them that of the White Lady of Mikulov, the unhappy Perchta of Rozmberk, who suffered years of cruel treatment from her husband John of Lichtenstein. Her ghost roams the earth to this day, appearing here in Mikulov, as well as in Rozmberk, Cesky Krumlov and Jindrichuv Hradec. 

Creative symposia entitled "The Workshop" have been held on the premises of the Mikulov Chateau regularly since 1994. Over a couple of summer weeks, leading contemporary Czech and foreign artists create their singular pieces of art which are then added to the unique collection of modern arts of the town of Mikulov. Some of the sculptures are placed in the Chateau park, others may be seen on the terraces and arcades. Thus Mikulov is fast becoming a remarkable gallery of contemporary arts. 

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