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Koneprusy Caves

The greatest caves system in Czech republic (lenght of drifts-corridors 2,5 km) with special stalactical decor (Koneprus' rosette).

Caves in the village of Koneprusy are probably the most famous place in the Cesky kras region, the largest system of caves in Bohemia, situated in Karlstejn highlands, at Golden Horse (Zlaty kun) hill rising above the village of Koneprusy. The system of caves was opened in 1959 for the public, but is known (and used) for centuries. In the upper floor of the cave system (the whole system has 3 floors) used to be a mediaeval illegal counterfeiter workshop. The police (or its mediaeval equivalent) didn't find the workshop in its age and only now you can see it. In the caves there were many fossils from prehistory found. 

The tour through these impressive limestone caves, six km south of Beroun and 600 metres deep, reveals colourful formations, and a 15th century underground forge used to make counterfeit coins.

The highest cave formation in Bohemia, located in the Zlaty kun uphill. Extensive three-level caves in Devonian limestone with a vertical interval of more than 70 meters. In 1959, the major parts opened to public. Koneprusy rosettes, composed of silicious stalactites, nowhere else able to find, are the principal curiosity of this formation. Plenty of animal but also human bones, belonging to the family of Homo Sapiens and being 50,000 years old, were found there. In 1460-70, a coiner's forge for the purpose of making false Hussite hellers was located in the upper section. The Caves play an important role in studying the geological development of the Central Bohemia in the period of Quaternary. 

The Caves play an important role in studying the geological development of the Central Bohemia in the period of Quaternary. The caves Koneprusy is a locality of deposits (the bones of animals from before 30000 to 200 000 years and human bones of art Homo sapiens in Age 50 000 - 60 000 years, bone and stone tools too. Is open to the public for 2 km tour. If you are planning a trip to Koneprusy cavesplease be aware that it could be inconvenient for persons with limited mobility. 

Average temperature of air: 10,6 degree Celsius. 

Koneprusy Caves

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