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Bohemia Forest - Sumava


Under the past communist regime it was prohibited to enter the Sumava-Bohemia Forest area at the Lipno Dam. Therefore thanks to that prohibition, this area has been untouched by the general public for the past 40 years. There are nice ride routes along the Schwarzenbergs Floating Channel and by banks of the Lipno water dam and the river Vltava. During 5 day biking program you will visit the abandoned countryside, Gothic churches, monasteries, castles and chateaus and have enough time to see Cesky Krumlov – pearl of South Bohemia. Sumava covers a territory 120 km long and spreads out along both sides of the state borders with Germany and Austria. On account of this fact this area was forbidden for visitors during the communist regime. Still it is the Czech area least affected by people.

From the standpoint of environmental protection, Sumava includes a national park and a protected scenic area, which acts to preserve unique flora and fauna. Sumava is called „the Green Roof of Europe“. Forests cover 80% of the territory. The European divide of the Labe-Danube passes here and the source of our longest river the Vltava is also located in the area.

For centuries, life here was influenced by the so-called Zlata stezka (The Golden Trail). Thanks to trade, the area was settled, cities grew, castles and guard towers built.

Thanks to a series of small roads without traffic, Sumava is a paradise for cyclo-tourists. In areas of the national park there is an extensive network of marked cycling routes of KCT (The Club of Czech Tourists) and the national park, which lead you to the most interesting places.

Bohemian Forest - Sumava is a great target for a:

Bohemia Forest - Sumava

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