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Cesky Krumlov, one of the most beautiful Czech towns“ The most beautiful view of the world is from horseback” is a phrase from an old western. Following the recent boom in cycling we could add: “or from the saddle of a bike!” The Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe, is a small country with a rich history. It has a lot to offer to visitors who want to have a great cycling holiday. You can enjoy the gently rolling landscape, not flat enough to be boring and not hilly enough to be difficult to ride by bicycle, criss-crossed by thousands of small roads with virtually no traffic. There are many picturesque villages with local pubs where you can stop for a beer when you're thirsty, and plenty of beautiful chateaus and castles or romantic ruins that make ideal destinations for cycling holiday trips. The history and architecture of Czech towns goes back to the Middle Ages. You can relish their unique atmosphere taking an evening walk after the tour or after having a delicious meal in a charming restaurant which, by the way, you will find inexpensive by European standards.

There are even more reasons to cycle in the Czech Republic:

  • favourable biking climate - only six tropical days in a year on average
  • low costs - 0.5 litre of beer costs 0.50 € (3 pints of beer for GBP1.00)in a country pub
  • cultural tradition - many people speak English, German or French and elderly people also speak Russian
  • no disasters - no earthquakes, no tsunami waves, no terrorists attacking tourists

Czech landscape is a great environment for cycling holidaysThe Czech Republic has a population of approximately 10,000,000 inhabitants. The country has been a member of the European Community since 2004 and its borders are about 150—240 km from Prague, the capital city. The climate in the Czech Republic is moderate, with average summer temperatures of about 22°C (72°F), which is yet another factor that makes the Czech Republic so ideal for cycling holidays.

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