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Fitting Your Bike

This manual was written to help you to get the most comfort and safety when riding the bike.

The frame size of the bike was choose according to your height we were provide.

SEAT (Saddle)

1- Adjust seat vertically (height).

  • Ask a friend to hold the bike upright while you hop on the saddle.
  • Ideally, at the bottom of a pedal stroke you want to feel a slight bend in your knee. Aim to come within 80% or 90% of full leg extension.
  • Use a wrench (or the quick-release lever, if equipped) to secure the seat at the ideal height.

    2- Adjust seat position - horizontally

    Your knee should be aligned over your forefoot for greatest efficiency. In addition to moving up and down, the seat can be moved forward or backward.

  • Again, ask a friend to support the bike while you examine your body's position in the saddle.
  • When in the correct position, a plumb line dropped from the bottom of your kneecap would lead to the ball of your foot. This means most riders will pedal with their shins angled just slightly forward.
  • For most riders, the saddle should be parallel to the ground.

    Helmets - please let us know in advance if you would like to use AVE helmet. We provide helmets free of charge but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer so.

    You are also welcome to bring your own pedals and seat if you would like to. Please let us know in advance. Thank you.

    Other parts of the bicycles are prepared by mechanic in standard way.

    Fitting Your Bike

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