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Our team

Who you can meet ...

Vlastimil Kotyk - bike tour manager, guide


Vlastimil joined AVE in 2006 as a guide and has been as tour manager since 2007. He worked at travel industry and in the USA before. He has strong experiences from his travelling that he loves. He cycled five weeks around New England and on another trip through Death Valley



Ondra Burda - guide


Ondra joined the company in 2006 and during the times he cycled thousand of kilometres around the Czech Republic and also abroad. His bachelor degree in Modern history and fascination by maps makes him a very passionate and knowledgeable guide who on top of that loves to show his country to anyone interested.



Pavel Hradecky - guide


Pavel works in education and sports for many years. He enjoys both mountain and road biking and has spent some time in Brazil and Australia. In addition to bike he enjoys scuba diving and travelling all over the world. His most frequent response about the upcoming track "only slightly undulating".



Katerina Cmuntova - guide


Katka is an enthusiastic medical student and she loves sport and cycling above all. Working for "AVE travel" since 2006, she has parcipitated in many one-day trips to Karlstejn castle or week tours through the Czech republic.  



Eda Cmunt - guide


At first bike-tour guiding was a job to me, but throughout the time it has become one of my fauvorite hobbies. I love to show my beautiful country to the clients and especially from the bike-saddle the Czech republic looks lovely!
It doesn´t matter if you take one day tour or a week-long one, you will definetely not regret. Especially with me :)
Looking forward to meeting you!



Vojta Luhan - guide


Vojta is an eternal student of Math. This doesn't really help on the trip as much as studying Modern history or Physiotherapy; however, Vojta is interested in a broad variety of other stuff so we believe you won't get bored with him on the tour anyway :)
He joined the company in 2006 and since that time, he perfectly enjoys this part-time job as it unites three activities he loves - sports, fun and travelling.


Tomas Suda - guide


Tomas is a young man, who loves spending free time by many kinds of sport activities, biking included. Tomas is interested in nature science, which is a subject of his studies at the university as well. During bike trips, he always tries to familiarize clients with the history and the way of living in the Czech Republic and to highlight interesting things on the way.


Pavla Zahradnikova - guide


Pavla makes her degree in Physioterapy and works in physiotherapy clinic at the same time. So if your legs are painfull, she will help you.  Pavla is interested in mountain bike orienteering and traveling. She studied seventh month in Australia. Pavla has been working for Ave company for 2 years, doing mainly one day trips to Karlštejn castle.


Jindřich Fryje - our best driver of support vehicle

Jindra Fryje - best driver

 Jindra has been working for AVE Travel over 15 years. Although Jindra is retired now he still join most of our Guided Group tours as a driver of support vehicle. As he has been on these tours many times he knows each good restaurant and point of interest along the routes.
Cycling is also Jindra´s hobby as well tennis and other sports. His company on the tour will be something you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Our team

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