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Passau to Vienna Danube Cycle Path, Austria


8-days / 7 nights - 6 biking days

Self-guided individual tour

Length 290 km / 180 miles

Grade of difficulty: Easy
the cycling path is completely paved from one end to the other, flat, almost always directly along the riverbank, very suitable for beginners and children.

General Information

Alongside of the "blue" Danube lies the renowned and most famous cycling path in Europe. Passau to Vienna is an absolute cycling classic. Discover the enchanting river landscape,
picturesque villages, lush vineyards and countless cultural sites from the time of the Romans and Nibelungengau. As you cycle comfortably along the banks of the mighty river, enjoy the wooded forests and the magical meadows of the Schlögener Loop, Strudengau, Nibelungengau and Wachau, as each region offers its own impressive and unique attractions. Art and cultural features convey myths and stories of the past while quaint accommodations and taverns invite you to relax in the culinary world of Austria. The welcoming Austrian hospitality and the scrumptious Austrian cuisine add to this absolutely remarkable experience.

TRAVEL DATES in 2017 somming soon

General information
- All bike tours are unescorted.
- The mileages and approximations are distances of the Recommended routes.
- Please be prepared by packing all necessary items, for example, proper rain gear (jacket and
pants), sun hat, sunscreen and proper sport shoes.
- The arrival to Passau is not included in the tour price and has to be arranged on your own.
- In Austria it is mandatory for children under 12 yrs to wear a helmet when on a bike.

Tour Calendar

Tour type Self-Guided Individual Tours
Scheduled Tours

Standard Tour Programme

Day 1: Passau
Individual arrival. Use the remaining time for a city tour or get to know the “City of Three Rivers” on a boat cruise (not included) or simply go for a walk through the picturesque old part of town. Between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. bike hand over – for late arrivals on the next morning.

Day 2: Passau – Schlögener Loop, approx. 41 km
Start the first cycling route through the Upper Danube Valley to Schlögen. In Engelhartszell, you can visit the one and only “Trappist“ monastery in Austria and you can even sample some delicious liqueurs straight from the convent. Continue the journey to the impressive
“Schlögener Loop”, where the river makes a complete 180-degrees turn.

Day 3: Schlögener Loop – Linz, approx. 55 km
Between the banks of the Danube there are small passenger ferries waiting for you to take them. Next, you cycle through the slowly widening fertile basin of Eferdinger and on into Linz, the capital of Upper Austria and European Culture Capital of 2009. Enjoy the magical summer evening doing some shopping around the lovely main square of the city.

Day 4: Linz –Strudengau, approx. 60 km
An excursion to Enns, the oldest town in Austria is highly recommended and worthwhile in any case. This leg guides you through beautiful meadows and tranquil hinterland while passing the Celtic village Mitterkirchen, rolling by the majestic church in Baumgartenberg and on to the romantic castle of Clam.

Day 5: Strudengau – Region Melk, approx. 50 km
Today’s tour is enjoyed by cycling through the fascinating landscape of tall and densely wooded rock formations on both sides of the Danube. High above the Danube is the Pilgrimage Church of Maria Taferl. From there, you are greeted from afar by the marvellous Benedictine Monastery of Melk.

Day 6: Region Melk – Krems/Traismauer, approx. 50 km
Another highlight of this tour is the chance to cycle through the magnificent Wachau. A landscape where you will find terraced vineyards, apricot groves interspersed with castles, palaces and monasteries. There is also the possibility to take a break off your bike and relax
on a short boat excursion. On your way to Krems you cycle through the winery villages of Spitz, Weißkirchen and Durnstein. Through these charming villages you will see quaint alluring taverns, which are just waiting to present Austrian hospitality at its best. Something you have to experience first hand.

Day 7: Krems/Traismauer – Vienna, approx. 40 km + Train
By train you will depart from this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage region. After arriving in Tulln, you will ride your bike for the last time on this tour directly through the Vienna Woods (Wiener Wald) and pass through “The Gates of Vienna”. Along the way don’t forget to stop in
and visit the impressive monastery in Klosterneuburg and then continue on to “The City of Music”: Vienna.

Day 8: Vienna
Some say that one must personally experience this great city. A few of the must-sees include the famous Naschmarkt (international food/goods market), the City Opera, the Ringstrasse, (a beautiful boulevard with imposing buildings which bear witness to ancient times) and of course the gorgeous imperial castle Schönbrunn. Extension at Vienna or train ride back to Passau (Season 1+2) or comfortable by bus (season 3).


If you have more time you continue to Budapest.

You can take this route also as combination Bike and Boat - ask for details.

AVE reserves the right to change the daily programs and places of accommodation according to hotel capacities and the size of the group. Visits to the sites above and outlined daily bike routes are guaranteed.

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